A Conversation: Aaliyah Bilal and Robert Liu-Trujillo

When Rob and I first met in 2016 we sat down for a conversation about the creative process. We didn’t want to release the footage until we’d made significant progress on the book and now that we are nearing completion we are very happy to share it with you. It is a meandering, light-hearted exchange wherein we talk about how we got started in our respective disciplines, how we use art to respond to crisis, the ups and downs of the creative life and a lot more. We hope that you enjoy this small glimpse into our process and into our lives.

Welcome to cloudcountrythebook.com!

It has taken a long while but finally the time has come for the big website reveal! Over the past few years Aaliyah and Robert have been working to bring to life this one of a kind story on the experience of being black in East Asia. As we press on with revisions we offer this site to help us connect with readers, filling you in on our progress. There’s much work ahead of us on the way to a finished product, but in the meantime we look forward to sharing more and more with you on this forum. Enjoy!